Resurrection Remix Zenfone 2

ASUS Z00A and Z008 devices

Resurrecton Remix Thanks to all the devs and teams


All the releases are rootless and can be dirty flashed. If you are using Magisk, you will have to flash it again after upgrading.

If you get an error message while flashing the ROM due to Magisk, please, flash Magisk uninstaller and then the ROM again.


File md5sum Size 05288a4c92f0189956f4debb2ef24def 481.3 MB da2f9c129a53a446a232a607872f0b2b 489.1 MB 4cd132d2cc7d681d82a08aa11941ebbe 489.0 MB dae2fcc2572445a22c984b7870cca6cb 489.0 MB 5e2b84f39c7253720b0ac482354d0647 489.0 MB


File md5sum Size dc549f07fde10739c88c57b26ae44d8b 470.9 MB daf42b24d86274091c3b03426a550246 470.8 MB 3171bb32558ae118c889901349de8626 470.7 MB c3a4bc29e8392a058d7f7ec6c79808b6 470.7 MB 5fa4659c06c714d2a67c5132d446a3e3 470.7 MB


File md5sum Size 93ecc284b92d3f1b7355ad7d0ca3d2df 6.0 MB c11090cfab96d81421cf3c820f4aae7f 2.7 MB
MagiskManager-v5.5.5.apk 28e38011c6faedd6f87da909cd2667b8 2.4 MB 340f5046a7a713bfbb3853ace2bca958 38.7 kB

VerifiedBootSigner has to be flashed right after Magisk. Otherwise devices will remain stuck in a bootloop.

ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat. ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10. ROM Firmware required: Stock Asus 6.0 (MM), open bootloader (of course) and TWRP 3.1.1+. Based on: LineageOS 14.1

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